So whoever runs the twitter account for the Long Branch Inn in east Austin is in trouble for making a dumb joke about Mexicans and now everyone is up in arms about how they're a racist bar or something. Here's the joke: "We are all wetbacks. #mexico #robbed #WorldCup2014"

Wetback is a racial slang term for someone who immigrated here illegally (like their back is still wet from swimming through the rio grande) and it really varies from person to person, situation to situation whether you consider joking about this type of thing to be really offensive. Ironically, "slur" is a harsh word. I'm half demon blood (mexican), I work in bars, and I've done stand up in Mexico (San Antonio), and my personal experience has been that a lot of Mexicans fucking love joking about race - to the point that it's annoyingly all they like joking about (see San Antonio). The people that get offended by this sort of thing all seem to be sitting around the quad, trying to build an identity about complaining on the internet. I'm speaking in broad terms here because it's fun and we're talking about a joke, not a riot. CALM DOWN.

 I mean, it would be kind of a solid joke in the right context. He's joking about how everyone in America is technically an illegal immigrant, you know, that whole angle. What this has to do with soccer, I don't have the slightest idea or give a fuck because I don't watch sports. The fact that people are fainting from "the vapors" about this is kind of obnoxious. Yeah it was a dumb joke and that person made a dumb social media move only because the internet is full of people waiting for buzzwords to let them know they should be offended. The Longbranch employee should have known that sad fact and at least confined that shit to their own personal twitter account, because people get shitcanned from business for this sort of thing all the time. Also I have no idea who this person is, but they're probably an asshole, who cares? Most bartenders in cool dives are. That's part of why you freaks patronize them. I've heard some backlash against the owners of the place and I'll have you know that I worked for one of them. He's a moron but he's not racist. He also has nothing to do with the bartenders at said bar. He's their boss and only cares about getting wasted and running a business poorly. It's not like they're all part of some white power cultural movement together. One time I went into the Longbranch and told the bartender that I worked for their owner and he pushed my money back across the bar to me and bought me my shot and beer. He was white, I'm mexiwhite, the band hanging out in the corner was black, and we were all just getting drunk and trying to get laid before we died of terminal whiskey dick.